Young Star Awards

Become OWR’s Young Star

Lockdown – It’s Time to create incredible Identity

Last Date till July 31st, 2020


Age Categories 

 2 Years to 10 Years 

 11 Years to 20 Years




  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • other forms of Traditional Arts


  • Fastest Reciting/Recalling
  • Identifying
  • Writing
  • Blindfold Practices

Any kinds of Extraordinary Talents 

What is Young Star Award?

Online World Records Young Star Award is for Young Achievers aged between 2 yrs to 10 yrs and 11 yrs to 20 yrs. Children who aspire to become achiever can participate in this. They can take a Video of their performance and can email us their details.
  • Young Star Title will be given to all Successful Participants
  • There is No Restriction, Children can perform in any field in which they have extraordinary Talent 
  • All Accepted Records will be published in OWR Website and Social Media Promotion

Become Young Star

1.   Have to fix a concept. Like “Maximum time dancing Flock dance or classical dance or any one kind of dance”. The Minimum duration starts with 30 minutes.
2.   One who first submits the video will be taken for the Minimum Duration. The Next person should break the previous attempt.
      For example: If Person 
X sets 32 mins in flock dance and gets awarded as Young Star then Person Y has to set 35 mins to break the previous timing to become Young Star.
3.   If a Person successfully sets or breaks previous record will be given “Young Star Title”

How to become OWR's Young Star?

  1. Find in which field you are having an extraordinary talent
  2. Fill up your Details in Young Star Award Registration Form  – http://onlineworldrecords.com/young-star-application
  3. We will email you the guidelines and procedures to be followed
  4. Practice with the Guidelines
  5. Record the Video
  6. Upload the Video in Youtube and send us the Link or email us the Video to editoronlineworldrecords@gmail.com
  7.  Fill up the Young Star Application in Young Star Award Submission Form –  http://onlineworldrecords.com/young-star-submission-form/
  8. After our OWR Editoral Team Review, you will receive Young Star Award Confirmation Letter from Online World Records
  9. Once conformation Letter is sent, your Record will be uploaded in OWR Website
Recevied Entries