Torch Bearer for Yoga

Any Institution or organization organizing these Healthy Yoga awareness giving session for their student or staffs to fighting against Corona Virus are the Torch Bearer for Yoga. The Yoga Teacher who teach this Practices are Yoga Captains They can conduct this class in any online Platform like Zoom, skype or can conduct direct class with Social Distancing. All participants will be getting Yoga Warrior Certificate.

How to Become Torch Bearer for Yoga?

1. Register Torch Bearer for Yoga Form
2. Your students who are attending the class has to register in this Link (Pls ask them to mention your name as coordinator or Organization name )
3. Go through the Instruction
4. Record the Video during the session by following the Instructions 5. Fill up the Form and submit 6. Certificate will be Dispatched directly to all students Email ID
Torch Bearer for Yoga Submission