The oldest bottle of Wine

Name: Maurizio Paschetta                                                           Place: Saluzzo, Cuneo, Italy

Record Title: “The oldest bottle of Wine”

Maurizio Paschetta (born on Janurary 28, 1985) from Saluzzo, Cuneo, Italy has created the record of “The oldest bottle of Wine” by having a oldest bottle of Wine dated 1961 with D.O.C wine certification (designation of controlled origin). The denomination of controlled origin, known by the acronym DOC, is a real trademark, used in oenology that certifies the area of ​​origin. It is used to designate a quality and renowned product, whose characteristics are connected to the natural environment and to human factors and respect a specific production disciplinary approved by ministerial decree. Before being put on the market, these wines must undergo a preliminary chemical-physical analysis and an organoleptic examination certifying compliance with the requirements of the specification; failure to comply with the requirements prevents it being put on the market with the word DOC. The brand was designed in the fifties by the Roman lawyer Rolando Ricci, an official of the then Ministry of Agriculture.