Longest backward Limbo Skating under bars

Name: Master Devisri Prasad Gandupalli
Place: Tirupathi, Andhrapradesh,India
Record Title: Longest backward Limbo Skating under bars

Master Devisri Prasad Gandupalli ( born on July 7, 2007) of Tirupathi, Andhrapradesh,India has created the record of “Longest backward Limbo Skating under bars” by performing backward limbo skating  for a distance of 100.40 mts( 329 feet 39 inch) under 111 poles (bars) each of which is 22.20 cm (8.7 inch) tall from the ground and each bar is 91 . 5 cm apart from another, the span of the bar is 1 . 58 mts (5 feet 2 inch ) crossed  in 20.37 seconds at 5 . 30 PM on 26th August 2015 on the road (BT surface road) between S.V.Vedic University and S.V.University Tirupati.

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