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International Yoga Day celebration 2020

About the Record Atempt

On the Occasion of International Yoga Day Celebration 2020, Online World Records and The International Yoga Professionals together are creating the World Record Attempt of
One Million Yoga Warriors for Corona
on June 21, 2020.

The World locked down , Yoga, which is the Ancient Practice from India is the Great Hope for common people.

There are 3 categories. Yoga Warrior for all Participants ; Yoga Caption for Yoga Guru’s and Teachers ; Torch Bearer for Yoga for Institutions.

Become Yoga Warrior

Step 1 - Take Video

Follow the Video given and take
a Yoga video for 8 mins to 10 mins.

Step 2 - Send Video Link

Upload the Yoga Video in Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Wetrans and send us the Link ​

Step 3 - E-Certificate

If you wish to get e-Certificate you can pay Rs.50 in online and E-Certificate will be sent to you in Email.


Yoga for Immunity

Contains List of Key Yoga Practices that’s to be done daily in order to increase Immunity

World Record

Online World Records E- Certificates for all Participants, Yoga Captain and for Torch Bearers. The Cost per E- Certificate is Rs. 50

Online Attempt

The Entire Program is completely based om Online. Participants either have to send Recorded Video or be the Part of Online session

1 Million Yoga Warriors

One Million Yoga Warriors are created to strongly increase Immunity

Yoga Captain

Yoga Captain are the Yoga Leaders, Yoga Gurus and Yoga Teachers

Torch Bearer for Yoga

Torch Bearer for Yoga is for Institutions or organisations that supports in Activity for Noble Cause.

Take Video

Important Key 4 Asanas and 1 Pranayama

Play Video

Join One Million Yoga Warrior World Record Attempt


World Record Certification

Unique Identification Number

Secured Certificate

Electronic Seal

The Yoga Warrior E-Certificate costs Rs.50.
After submitting the Video Link can Proceed forward to Pay for E-Certificate


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email to us at