“Fastest Knife Throwing with Both Hands (No-Reload Technique)”

Name: Adam Čeladín
Place: Ostrava,Czech Republic
Record Title: Fastest Knife Throwing with Both Hands (No-Reload Technique)

Adam Čeladín (Born on May 12, 1988) of Ostrava,Czech Republic has created the Record of “Fastest Knife Throwing with Both Hands (No-Reload Technique)” by throwing six metal knives (three from each hand) from 120 cm away into a target of 55 x 55 cm composed of blocks of soft wood with dimensions of 11 x 11 cm in a time of 1.00 sec. Each knife was threw with an individual arm motion using a special throwing technique called No Reload – No-Spin, during which the record holder had multiple knives in each hand and throws them into the target one by one. Timing the throws from the first start of the arm movement towards the target until the last knife hits the target; the record holder was able to stick three knives into the target in a time of 0.10 sec; four knives in 0.16 sec and six knives in 1.00 second. The record was registered on June 11, 2016 on the occasion of the 26th International Festival of Pelhřimov – town of records.

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