“Fastest Inverted Fire Breathe Strait Jacket Escape”

Name: FenyxFyre (Christopher Campbell)
Place: Ontario,Canada
Record Title: Fastest Inverted Fire Breathe Strait Jacket Escape

FenyxFyre (Christopher Campbell) from Ontario,Canada has created the Record of “Fastest Inverted Fire Breathe Strait Jacket Escape” set a record successfully by  being in inverted postition, performed inverted fire breate for 2 times and escaped from a strait jacket in 29.28 seconds. He used an unmodified regulation strait jacket. This inverted Fire Breathe in a Straitjacket stunt was a tribute and variation of the classic Houdini escape. The added inverted fire breathe has never been attempted making FenyxFyre the first person to successfully breathe fire inverted while escaping from a strait jacket. Fred Bailey was the crane rigger for this stunt. Leigh Maulson held the torch to allow the Fire Breath while in strait jacket.

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