December 30, 2017

Become a Record Holder

Online World Records is a platform for all to showcase their unique talent and inspire the world to go one step further as we all are limited by our imagination.  We prove ourselves with our uniqueness and motivate others. We Live our Life with an Identity and also guide others to achieve in their field. The main aim of Online World Records is to bring individual Identity to each talented person.


Online World Records has Unlimited Categories. Online World Records helps you to showcase your skills to the world without any boundaries.

  1. First decide in which area you want to create a world records, Perform it and master that activity.
  2. Take a Video and Upload it.
  3. Fill the Application in the website and Submit it.
    Here is the Link for Applications. (
  4. Your Record will be sent to OWR Jury Team. Our Jury team will analyse it and will send the Letter to your email id.
  5. If you got Confirmation Letter and you like to get E-Certificate means you can make payment of Rs.1000 and Hard Copy Certificates means you can make payment of Rs.2500 + Shipping Charges.
  6. Fill the payment application. (
  7. Our OWR Team will Send the E-Certificates to you in 2 days and Certificate hard copy in 5 days.