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Vision & Mission :
To bring up the unique talent of people to the world.
Beyond Rich, Poor, age we make everyone to fulfill their dream.

Online World Records was started with a motive to bring up the talents and project them to the world.
Each one will be gifted with a unique talent and some unique talents.We all are born with a purpose and we live this life to inspire, motivate and to contribute something unique to the world and make others to be motivated through our uniqueness. Online World Records is found by Ananda Padmanaban Managing Director of Shri Publications and Amazing Perk,  Co-Founder is Amrutha Anand, Director of Amazing Perk.Online World Records is a platform for all to showcase their unique talent and inspire the world to go one step further as we all are limited by our imagination.  We prove ourselves with our uniqueness and motivate others. We Live our Life with an Identity and also guide others to achieve in their field. The main aim of Online World Records is to bring individual Identity to each talented person.

Our Team