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Online World Records is a platform for all to showcase their unique talent and inspire the world to go one step further as we all are limited by our imagination.

Become a Record Holder

Online World Records helps Record Holders to project their Talents to the world. Identify your talent and apply for Online World Records.

Paperless World Records

Online World Records has become Paperless Records. Online World Recors Supports Record Holders with E-Certificate and E-Books.

Unlimited Categories

Online World Records has Unlimited Categories. Online World Records helps you to showcase your skills to the world without any boundaries.

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Once Record is applied,Online World Record Jury's will verify the records and will send the Confirmation Letter to the Record Holder.

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Online World records is much more Ethical, responsible, and Trustworthy. Keep up the good work!

Brad Byers

Being part of "Students - Online World Records Makers" we are very happy to create the world Record. Thanks to OWR for the Service.


The Service provided by Online World Records is very Loyal and speed. Thanks to Online Word Records Team!

Christopher Campbell